Links to Great Sites about Magic Squares and Cubes
The following sites cover the subject very completely and contain many further links.
Harvey Heinz:
Magic Squares, Magic Stars & Other Patterns
Harvey Heinz was the "Martin Gardner" of magic squares. He died in July 2013.

Aale de Winkel:
The magic Encyclopedia

Christian Boyer:
Multimagic Squares and Cubes (in English and French)

Francis Gaspalou:
Structure of Magic Squares including transformations

Mitsutoshi Nakamura:
Magic Cubes and Tesseracts

Harry White:
Magic Squares and download of programs

Holger Danielsson:
Magic Squares (German)
Sehr ansprechend gestaltete Seite mit vielen interaktiven Inhalten.

Dwane and Keith Campbell:
Magic Cube Generator and much more

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