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Comments from tetrad experts

Sent in emails about this website and especially about the surprising new tetrad of question 17.

George Sicherman

2020-02-15: Your new website is wonderful. It is full of mathematical and historical interest.
Your website plugs a big hole in our knowledge of tetrads and their history.
2020-02-20 (new tetrad): Walter, this is amazing. It seems almost like an optical illusion. Hearty congratulations on finding it!
2020-03-01: In case you did not know, your results are new and exciting. I am happy to see that you are getting some long-delayed attention.

Andrejs Cibulis

2020-02-18: Thank you very much for so valuable and nice material.
2020-02-27 (new tetrad): Thank you very much for your work and your new surprising constructions.

Scott Kim

2020-02-27 (new tetrad): Thanks for sharing this. I wouldn't have thought that is possible. Wonderful that it is based on the Voderberg tiles, which have always fascinated me. I also enjoyed seeing the circular construction on your site, which was new to me.

Karl Scherer

- Who said that plane geometry is over-analyzed and boring?? Well, appearances can be deceptive.
Just because the definition of a tetrad is extremely simple and easy to be grasped even by a child, that doesn't mean that the set of solutions is totally known.
- Walter gives some nice step-by-step descriptions how he found one of his gems, thereby offering the reader guidance into the tetrads realm of Mathematics.
- Several of his solutions are so sophisticated and bizzare that it seems impossible to conceive that they can ever be found by a computer. That makes the hunt for more interesting tetrads the more exciting.
- Walter has breathed new life into the quite forgotten art of finding new tetrads. For that fact alone he deserves maximum praise.

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