Further Questions about Tetrads
by Walter Trump

1. What is a Tetrad?
2. What is the intention of this website?
3. Who published the first Tetrads?
4. Was the problem already known before 1975?
5. Is it easy to find a tetrad with hole?
6. Can a schoolkid find a tetrad with no hole?
7. What is the benefit of polyomino tetrads?
8. Why was the order-11 polyomino tetrad not found earlier?
9. Which tetrads are shown in Gardner's book?
10. Can the outline of a Tetrad form a regular polygon?
11. Can two tiles of a Tetrad form a regular polygon?
12. What about circles and tetrads?
13. Can four quadrilaterals form a tetrad?
14. Can four pentagons form a tetrad?
15. Which tetrads can be made with hexagons?
16. Are there tetrads with no common vertices?
17. Can two tiles surround the others?    New 2020-02-20
  Planned:   Are convex tiles possible?
  Planned:   Are convex tetrads possible?
  Planned:   What about symmetric tiles?
  Planned:   Which symmetric tetrads are there?
References - Where can I read more about tetrads?
Comments - What do experts say?

two tiles build a circle
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